I know what you're thinking.

"WOAH. A wall of text."

"Do I have to read all this?"

You bet your fucking ass you do.


Because you want access.

Access to the best fucking adult dating site on the internet.

Before that, you need some truth laid on you.

You’ve gotta be prepared for that shit.

So what are those sweet truth bombs?

Ready for this?

Point Fucking One.

You’re going to see some stuff on this site.

The female members on this site are not afraid to bare it all.

The kicker?

You must be 18 to go any further.

If you’re under 18, fuck off and play outside.

Point Fucking Two.

The ladies on this site don’t want to marry your ass.

I’m sure you’re lovely.

But they are just not interested.

All they want is what you’re packing.

And they want it bad.

Point Fucking Three.

You have to show a little discretion.

I get it.

You bang a ten from this site.

You want to tell all your mates.


Privacy is important to our members.

So keep it to yourself.

Store it in the wank bank, and remember it in private moments.

But be fucking discreet about it.

That’s it.

Three basic things.

Can you manage that?

I’m not gonna make you click through a bunch of pages.

You don’t have to pick whether you like a fat chick or a granny.

You get access right now if you can follow those three simple rules.


Click the fucking button.

The Button